• Gamain True Daylight
  • Ideal for the lighting of working areas. Complete and well-balanced light above the working area, absence of shadows
  • Ceiling Light for hanging (1.5m from the worktop)
  • Dual illuminant for an optimal interpretation of the colours (D65 Daylight, A Incandescent). Variation of the illuminants done by pressing the control button. Also available in simple illuminant (ref. 3965 SA)
  • Recessing Kit (Available in option)
The 3965 ceiling light is perfectly adapted to the medical sector, particularly for the analysis of the different parameters of the colours (translucence, saturation and hue). It is very usefull for the dentists particularly to analyze the hue of the teeth. Placed above the dentist chair, it allows to save the visual system, to work without shadows and without dazzling the patient. The 3965 ceiling light offers comfort to the professionnals who need a good visual acuity.

Our brain has been formatted by the natural daylight under which it is the most efficient. The International Commission of Illumination (CIE) defines typical daylight as D65 illuminant. CIE recommends D65 illuminant for any work involving colour.

Because of luminous sources mixing, Gamain lighting are distinguished by reproducing this daylight, defined with a spectral curve surimposed on the one of standard D65 illuminant. The spectrum of Gamain daylight is more complete, which avoids any chromatic adaptation efforts and this way, eye’s troubles. The eyestrain is reduced. This light, well-balanced onto the entire visible spectrum enables to appreciate efficiently and precisely the different parameters of the colour.

Distance from the worktop in: 150
Illumination Lux: 1750
Colour Temperature in °K: 6500
Illuminated working area in m: 3×3
Dimensions (Lxlxh) in cm: 160 x 77,5 x 15
4 fastening points
Between attachment axes Lxl in cm: 80 x 34
Weight in Kg: 32
Consumption: 510W
Power Source: 230V 50-60Hz
High Frequency ballasts
Colour: White (RAL 9003)

  • It is recommended to replace the light sources every two years or after 2500 hours of use.
  • References of tubes kits for 3965 ceiling lights : 44.950.12.0211
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