• LED light with D65 daylight
  • Selected and safe LEDs
  • Recessed in a false ceiling (or suspended in option)
  • Visual comfort / glare-free light
  • Protection against dust and liquid ingress
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Our brain has been formatted by the natural daylight under which it is the most efficient. The international Comission of Illumination (CIE) defines typical daylight as D65 illuminant. CIE recommends D65 illuminant for any work involving colour.

Gamain has always endeavoured to provide approved daylight lighting. Soleane complies with the standards BS950-1 and ISO23603 (chromaticity, spectral distribution, metamerism), which ensures a daylight in full compliance with illuminant D65.

The LED lights of the SOLEANE recessed ceiling light were put through a process of careful selection in order to ensure a true daylight with all the spectral light colors from 400 to 700nm, and without blue peak, without any risk of toxicity for the eyes.

It can be recessed in a false ceiling or suspended with a coulisstops system (in option). It’s as well used like main lighting above the workstation, as in surrounding lighting, in addition to a D65 daylight ceiling light such as the D65 SOLENO LED ceiling light.

SOLEANE allows you to work under a light in which the spectral energies are balanced which ensures daily comfort and optimal visual acuity. It includes a high performance diffuser with microprisms to diffuse a glare-free, homogeneous light without shadows.

Dimensions (LxWxH) in cm 59.4*59.4*8.5cm
Weight 6.4kg
Power supply 230V +/-10% 50 Hz
Energy use 120 W
Colour White


Luminous flow in lumens 3200 lm
Lighting in lux at a distance of 1.7 m from the work surface 660 lux
Lit working surface in m 1*1m


Colour temperature in °K 6500°K
Colour rendering (Ra) 98
Colour fidelity (Rf) 96
Complies with requirements defined in the standard BS 950-1 and ISO 23603
Photobiological safety: Without any risk according to the standard EN 62471


4 coulisstops for suspension of the Soleane recessed ceiling light
Mounting dimensions 42.6*42.6cm

  • D65: complies with all criteria for illuminant D65 (chromaticity-spectral distribution-metamerism) defined in the international standard ISO 23603 and the British standard BS 950-1.
  • Photobiological safety: Without any risk according to the standard for evaluating photobiological risk EN 62471.

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