SOLENO Ceiling Light

soleno interieur2


Dentist office

  • LED light with certified D65 daylight
  • Selected and secured LEDs
  • Visual comfort
  • Non- dazzling light
  • Double illuminant (D65 daylight and warm white light) for a very precise colour assessment
  • Design and easy to clean

soleno interieur2

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Our brain has been formatted by the natural daylight under which it is the most efficient. The international Comission of Illumination (CIE) defines typical daylight as D65 illuminant. CIE recommends D65 illuminant for any work involving colour.

Gamain has always endeavoured to provide approved daylight lighting. Soleno complies with this rule and is D65 certified by an independant accredited french laboratory.Tis certification, assigned according to 3 criteria from both british standard BS950-1 and the more recent international sandard ISO23603 (chromaticity, spectral distribution, metamerism), ensures a daylight in full compliance with illuminant D65.

The LED lights of the SOLENO ceiling light were put through a process of careful selection in order to ensure a pectral curve without blue peak, without any risk of toxicity for the eyes.

Dimensions (LxWxH) in cm 142*52,5*5cm
4 mounting points
Mounting dimensions (LxW) in cm 117.7*34.2cm
Weight in kg 14 kg
Energy use in W for the illuminant D65 mode 235 W
Energy use in W for the warm white light mode 40 W
Power supply 230V +/-10% 50 Hz
Colour Azure grey
IP 50
4-position remote control 100% Illuminant D65 / 50% Illuminant D65 / Warm white light / Off


Luminous flow in lumens 8000 lm (Illuminant D65)
Lighting in lux at a distance of 1.5 m from the work surface 1650 lux (illuminant D65 at 100%) / 800 lux (illuminant D65 at 50%) / 900 lux (warm white light)
Lit working surface in m 1.2*1.2m


Colour temperature in °K 6500°K (illuminant D65) 3000°K (warm white light)
Colour rendering (Ra) 98
Colour fidelity (Rf) 96
Complies with requirements defined in the standard BS 950-1
Chromaticity Complies with tolerances for chromaticity coordinates
Spectral distribution Tolerance less than 15% on each spectral range
Complies with requirements defined in the standard ISO 23603
Chromaticity Complies with tolerances for chromaticity coordinates
Metamerism index 0,621
Quality of reproducing the spectrum of illuminant D65 Class C

  • D65: complies with all criteria for illuminant D65 (chromaticity-spectral distribution-metamerism) defined in the international standard ISO 23603 and the British standard BS 950-1.
  • Photobiological safety: assessed to be without risk according to the standard for evaluating photobiological risk, EN 62471 (risk group GR0).

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