Human eye on blue background (shallow DoF)

Our brain has been formatted by the natural daylight under which it is the most efficient. Too often ignored, general lighting, whether it is inappropriate, is a cause of tiredness (visual and physical), but also of headaches and eyes troubles.

The eyes performance depends on the light level. More light you have, better it is. But excessive light can create a dazzle and then the visual acuity does not increase anymore. In order to avoid any eyes trouble, it is preferable to work under white light. The spectrum of the white light must be close to the daylight spectrum with which the eyes are adapted and accustomed

Gamain, against visual tiredness


Gamain has alway endeavoured to provide approved daylight lighting.Tanks to a unique combination of light sources, our ceiling lights reproduce the spectrum of standard illuminant D65, a daylight reference (from the International Commission of Illumination) . Our expertise has earned us the recognition of many professionals who wish to protect their eyesight and who are seeking fautless colour assessment.

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LED lights from Gamain D65 lightings were put through a process of careful selection in order to reproduce true daylight. The spectral energies are perfectly balanced which assure you a daily comfort and an optimal visual acuity. Gamain also guarantees a spectral curve without blue peak and thus without any risk of eye toxicity.

High-performance prismatic and micro prismatic diffusers allow to diffuse homogenous, no-glare light without any cast shadows over the entire work surface.

Gamain, for reliable color assessment:

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A shade difference can exactly be estimated only if it is lighted up under an illuminant with a color temperature close to 6500 kelvin and which dispatching of energies in the spectrum is perfectly balanced from close ultraviolets to far red (from 380 nanometres to 780 nanometres).

Gamain spectral curve tends to be superposed on the standard D65 curve. The spectrum of GAMAIN lightings is well-balanced on every wave lengths. Gamain lightings allow to analyze efficiently and precisely the parameters of the colours.

Gamain has always endeavoured to provide daylight lighting. Gamain D65 LEDs lightings complies with D65 according to both British standard BS950-1 and the more recent international standard ISO23603. They are compliant with 3 criteria which you must pay attention to when judging the quality of a D65 daylight light fixture:
– Chromaticity
– Spectral distribution
– Metamerism
This D65 certification awarded from an independent and accredited French laboratory guarantees reproducible standard daylight lighting which is reproducible in any use environment.


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