GAMAIN : nearly a century of a luminous story !

Lighting expert, Charles Gamain, who gave his name to the company, has introduced, in 1922, its first daylight lighting in an exhibition in Paris.

His son Claude Gamain joined the company in 1947. He has developed the knowledge of the company on issues related to physiology of light and colorimetry. He has collaborated with scientists and took part in international congresses.

He was involved in many normative bodies, became member of AFNOR comity, managed the french division of ISO comity (lighting division). Gamain manufactures a specific light used by several industries (medical, manufacturing, arts) with the same objectives: eyes protection and good discrimination of colours.

The company belongs now to the French group Malpelo, based near Tours. The company has constantly improved its light performances and its products ergonomics to offer users a daylight reference, no matter what the environment is.

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